Stewarding Healthy Learning

The most minimally presumptuous, maximally relevant, thing we can do. 

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How well children grow through the traumas, challenges, and disadvantages they experience depends on how well they learn. How well they rise to the opportunities and advantages they experience depends on how well they learn. From their emotional health and maturity to their mental health and wisdom, their innermost growth and outermost achievement depends on how well they learn. It’s not just what they learn or how they learn, our children’s futures depends on how well they learn in general – on the health of their learning.

No matter what your belief system, if you’re a parent or educator who cares about children, stewarding the health of their learning is the most minimally presumptuous, maximally relevant, thing you can do. 



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One Response to Stewarding Healthy Learning

  1. Health Product Reports June 15, 2012 at 2:45 am #

    I want to commend you on your efforts. I really like the fact that you are using an approach of stewardship. This is so much more than just educating, which is just providing knowledge. However, stewardship implies building a relationship which where our most valuable education come from. When we have a relationship with someone such as a mentor, we are much more liley to apply what they are teaching.
    All the best with your projects,

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