Embedding Interactive Orthography

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Click on any word on this page (and keep clicking it) to experience the technology.

QUESTION 1: If people with lower literacy skills or limited English could read your content would they enjoy or benefit from doing so?

QUESTION 2: Would you like to expand your market by having your content used and promoted by schools and literacy organizations?

If so, whatever your content, if you provide it for free*, we want to provide you, for free, a technology that will make every word on your site work like every word on this page.  Every word it’s own help button. Every word able to help limited readers and limited English language readers recognize and understand it.


You can get a sense of how it will feel with your content by adding our free Chrome extension to your Chrome browser and then using it on your site.  Installing the technology is a simple 5 minute job for you or your web content person.

If you’d like to learn more about how to proceed to get this technology added to your content or content platform please use this site’s contact form to tell us about yourself, your organization, and your content.

* If you charge for accessing your content, for a modest fee we can provide you a commercial use license. Just indicate your type of use on our contact form.

If you’d like to learn more about technology:

Background on the design of Interactive Orthography.

Explore the Magic Ladder suite of tools based on Interactive Orthography:

Independent LearnersHomeClassroom School LibraryPublic Library

Three simple steps to reading: Using The PQ Pop-Up APP


Install Free App: When used as a Chrome Extension, Interactive Orthography works with billions of pages on the internet, including most of the largest educational content sites:

For use in home, classroom, school library, and public library settings, the Magic Ladder (built with Interactive Orthography) also includes an instructor-student sharing system called “MyStuff”. With MyStuff teachers, librarians, and parents can place content (including PDFs, Google Docs, HTML, text) into Google Drive folders that then become supported by the Safety Web’s Interactive Orthography functions (and automatically made available to designated learner devices) (more).

Also for use in home, classroom, school library, and public library settings, the Magic Ladder system includes a page into which teachers, librarians, parents, and/or learners themselves can paste content from their devices clipboard. Once pasted the content is automatically processed and rendered fully supported by Interactive Orthography (more).
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