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2015 NAEP 2

ECE: The Obstacle Course Wall

Note: See Demo at bottom of page Convergence Point 1 – Decades of social and economic research, beginning with Coleman and including Heckman, (Nobel Prize winner) Rolnick (Ex of the FED), Hanushek (Hoover Institute) and many others, and decades of developmental neuroscience research, most notably as compiled by Harvard’s Jack Shonkoff, have converged and coalesced in the modern edu-economic arguments for Universal […]

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Re: Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter?

A company has developed software that can compete with human authors in writing news stories. Education Week (4-12-12) put out a similar story about a computer competing with college professors at scoring essays. Extreme Tech carried a story (Will an IBM computer be your next mayor?) about the use of IBM’s Watson to manage the […]

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