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Neuroscience: Neural Correlates of Math Anxiety

Since posting my previous piece (When Learning Hurts – Toxic Learning) earlier this week, another blog focused on medical neuroscience posted a great overview of math anxiety called “Brain Markers of Math Anxiety“. The post refers to a study “The Neurodevelopmental Basis of Math Anxiety” that has identified the neural correlates of math anxiety for […]

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Re: Science 2.0: Misperception And Weight Loss: If You Don’t Think You Are Fat, You Won’t Lose Weight

From Science 2.0: Of 3,500 college applicants, more than a third couldn’t report their weight accurately. The heavier they were, the less accurate their estimates. “This misperception is important because the first step in dealing with a weight problem is knowing that you have one,” said Margarita Teran-Garcia, a University of Illinois professor of food science […]

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Re: Dyscalculia and Working Memory

Re: http://www.sharpbrains.com/blog/2012/01/25/when-1-1-5-dyscalculia-and-working-memory/ Are the neu­ro­phys­i­cal cor­re­lates of work­ing mem­ory deficits the result of bio­log­i­cally ordained structural/processing insuf­fi­cien­cies (mal­adap­tive bio-development) (1) or are the neuro-physiological cor­re­lates of work­ing mem­ory deficits the result of a lack of neu­ro­phys­i­cal exercise/activity due to learned mal­ada­p­tive pro­cess­ing schema? For a related exam­ple, a recent study of dyslexia moved us closer to […]

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