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Re: DNA Ain’t Destiny. No Kidding

Re: Wired Science 4-11-2012 DNA Ain’t Destiny. No Kidding “you are — a constant conversation between your genes and the environment, which includes both you and the surrounding world” Yes, it can’t be said enough that genes do not  programmatically determine who we become. And, the way you put it is a big improvement over the old dichotomy of nature v nurture […]

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Re: Dyscalculia and Working Memory

Re: http://www.sharpbrains.com/blog/2012/01/25/when-1-1-5-dyscalculia-and-working-memory/ Are the neu­ro­phys­i­cal cor­re­lates of work­ing mem­ory deficits the result of bio­log­i­cally ordained structural/processing insuf­fi­cien­cies (mal­adap­tive bio-development) (1) or are the neuro-physiological cor­re­lates of work­ing mem­ory deficits the result of a lack of neu­ro­phys­i­cal exercise/activity due to learned mal­ada­p­tive pro­cess­ing schema? For a related exam­ple, a recent study of dyslexia moved us closer to […]

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