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Re:Don’t punish the kids because they can’t read

The following is in response to Pat Smith’s piece in the Columbus Dispatch, which I highly recommend. http://goo.gl/UA26f With gratitude and respect, a couple of points: 1) A lot more than 1/3 of our kids are in danger. Every child that is reading below the proficiency level assumed by the written materials in his or her […]

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Reading: The Brain’s Challenge: Processing Stutters – Processing Speed

This is the first in a series of posts that explores the brain processing issues underlying difficulties in learning to read. In this post we focus on ‘processing stutters’ and their relationship to ‘processing speed’. We also establish the ‘speed of language’ as a baseline for understanding the processing speed demands of reading.

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Re: Word-spotting baboons leave scientists spellbound: Reading baboons may shed light on human learning

Re: Word-spotting baboons leave scientists spellbound: Reading baboons may shed light on human learning This kind of article can be . There is an incomparable difference between the way hearing able children  and learning to recognize words as wholes on sight. Good Readers Read Wholes They Learned To Recognize Phonically How many never before encountered words are these primates […]

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