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Re: DNA Ain’t Destiny. No Kidding

Re: Wired Science 4-11-2012 DNA Ain’t Destiny. No Kidding “you are — a constant conversation between your genes and the environment, which includes both you and the surrounding world” Yes, it can’t be said enough that genes do not  programmatically determine who we become. And, the way you put it is a big improvement over the old dichotomy of nature v nurture […]

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Re: “We only use 10% of our Brains anyway!”

The Brain Clock “Times” featured a story entitled: “We only use 10% of our Brains anyway!” The story, while dispelling the “we only use 10% of our brain” misconception, perpetuates an even more insidious one.  The author traces the origin of the 10% myth back to William James who is reported to have said:  “We […]

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Re: Forbes Spotlights Neuroeducation as Top trend

The post asks:  Will the science of the brain give us new ways to engage with kids to improve their chances for lifelong learning? My response:  No doubt brain science can provide us valuable information about the difference between brain ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ learning. But it must always be remembered that there is a ‘being’ […]

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