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Re: Discovering How to Learn Smarter

Re: Discovering How to Learn Smarter

Responded on two levels:

1) re: self-esteem:

There is a difference between self-esteem as accumulated positivity and self-esteem as a buoyant absence of self-negativity. Of the two major domains of unhealthy learning, maladaptive cognitive schema and unconscious emotional aversions, the later, and in particular ‘mind-shame’, is largely the result of learned self-disesteem.

2) learning about the brain

Learning, first-person, about how to extend your participation in your own learning in a more subjectively learning oriented way is entirely different than learning about your brain.


See also: 2005 letter to SciAm re “Exploding the Self-Esteem Myth” and “Self-Esteem and Shame” on COTC

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