Learning to Read is 1-2-3 (and free!): 
1) Click on any word.

2) Try to read word in Pop-up. Can't? Click word in Pop-up.
3) Repeat Step 2 as needed. 

Just click on any word and follow the steps: 1,2,3. (Click to> Change The Voice: Man )

to ice eye have
know meow wolf pour
fury idea heart acres
great laugh mosque color
mishap height shoulder daughter
Thomas science success gorgeous
physical porpoise architect Virginia
Hawaii knickknack terrorism sauerkraut
knowledgeable impossibilities tyrannosaurus fahrenheit

This FREE app turns virtually every page on the web into a page that is easier to read (and a page that helps learners learn to read better).  By using this tool to help 'sound out', letter by letter, each word they have difficulty recognizing, learners learn to 'work out' words they don't know.  The more they use it, the less they need it. Based on the research of the Children of the Code Project, this is the most brain-efficient way to learn to read in existence. 

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Because nothing is more important to our children’s futures
than how well they can learn when they get there.

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