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NO MORE INSTRUCTIONAL CONFUSION, GUESSING, OR MIND-SHAME! Learning to Read is 1-2-3 (and free!): 1) Click on any word. 2) Try to read word in Pop-up. Can’t? Click word in Pop-up. 3) Repeat Step 2 as needed. This FREE app turns virtually every page on the web into a page that is easier to read (and a page that helps learners learn […]

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2015 NAEP 2

ECE: The Obstacle Course Wall

Note: See Demo at bottom of page Convergence Point 1 – Decades of social and economic research, beginning with Coleman and including Heckman, (Nobel Prize winner) Rolnick (Ex of the FED), Hanushek (Hoover Institute) and many others, and decades of developmental neuroscience research, most notably as compiled by Harvard’s Jack Shonkoff, have converged and coalesced in the modern edu-economic arguments for Universal […]

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Kids in the future will not be ‘taught’ to read. Every interaction with every word on every device will support them learning to read on their own. We only sense now. We only feel now. We only think now. We only learn now. We are naturally ‘wired’ to learn from what is happening on the living edge of now. Humans learn best […]

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Re: Man vs. Computer: Who Wins the Essay-Scoring Challenge?

Re: Man vs. Computer: Who Wins the Essay-Scoring Challenge? From Education Week: Curriculum Matters 4-13-2012 “The results demonstrated that overall, automated essay scoring was capable of producing scores similar to human scores for extended-response writing items with equal performance for both source-based and traditional writing genre,” says the study. This is fascinating. Artificial intelligence has already […]

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Re: We Can’t Teach Students to Love Reading

Re: the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Article: “We Can’t Teach Students to Love Reading” by Alan Jacobs, professor of English at Wheaton College. An important missing distinction: Most of the people who ‘love’ reading began loving it when they were children. In the past few decades there has been an unprecedented decline in how lovable reading is for most children […]

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Re: Who really benefits from putting high-tech gadgets in classrooms?

Re: the LA Times piece on the dubious promise of education technology… In 1991, In an article for the California School Boards Journal discussing the future of Learning and Educational Technology I wrote: “Systems capable of totally transforming our relationship with information, of providing a new (learner) interface to recorded knowledge, will ultimately prove to be […]

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