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Neuroscience: Neural Correlates of Math Anxiety

Since posting my previous piece (When Learning Hurts – Toxic Learning) earlier this week, another blog focused on medical neuroscience posted a great overview of math anxiety called “Brain Markers of Math Anxiety“. The post refers to a study “The Neurodevelopmental Basis of Math Anxiety” that has identified the neural correlates of math anxiety for […]

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Re: Science 2.0: Misperception And Weight Loss: If You Don’t Think You Are Fat, You Won’t Lose Weight

From Science 2.0: Of 3,500 college applicants, more than a third couldn’t report their weight accurately. The heavier they were, the less accurate their estimates. “This misperception is important because the first step in dealing with a weight problem is knowing that you have one,” said Margarita Teran-Garcia, a University of Illinois professor of food science […]

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Confused? Shame on you!

What happens to you when you become confused? How do you feel? Most of our children are growing up in  that  teach them to blame themselves for feeling confused. Children who blame themselves for feeling confused feel shame when they feel confused. Naturally, subconsciously-automatically,  try to . If children feel too much shame when they feel confused they will avoid […]

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