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Adult Literacy: Overcoming Self-Sabotaging Habits

According to NAAL data, reading proficiency remains a significant bottleneck to social and economic progress for tens of millions of U.S. adults. Adults struggling with literacy (in their native language) are not only struggling with the inherent difficulties involved in literacy learning, they are struggling with what they learned in the past that is sabotaging […]

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Kids in the future will not be ‘taught’ to read. Every interaction with every word on every device will support them learning to read on their own. We only sense now. We only feel now. We only think now. We only learn now. We are naturally ‘wired’ to learn from what is happening on the living edge of now. Humans learn best […]

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Other Words for Learning: Acquired

Albert Einstein is often quoted as having said that “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.” What does Einstein mean by using the word  ‘acquired’ if not ‘obtained through learning’? Some kind of some machine-like or equally unconscious magical process of internalizing or possessing? Robotically/animalistically choiceless imbibement? Magically/spiritually bestowed? What else could ‘acquire’ mean? In the context […]

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