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What do the changes we can’t predict tell us about preparing children to be ready for them

“Our problems are man-made” but “we” didn’t create them and “we” can’t solve them…

This is in response to David Roberts’ article: “Getting used to being in charge of the planet”   David Roberts (DR):  “the decisions made by people alive today will determine the fate of life on Earth for centuries to come” Yes. And, it’s always been true that what each generation profoundly affects the generations that follow.  The […]

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Re: Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter?

A company has developed software that can compete with human authors in writing news stories. Education Week (4-12-12) put out a similar story about a computer competing with college professors at scoring essays. Extreme Tech carried a story (Will an IBM computer be your next mayor?) about the use of IBM’s Watson to manage the […]

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Re: Man vs. Computer: Who Wins the Essay-Scoring Challenge?

Re: Man vs. Computer: Who Wins the Essay-Scoring Challenge? From Education Week: Curriculum Matters 4-13-2012 “The results demonstrated that overall, automated essay scoring was capable of producing scores similar to human scores for extended-response writing items with equal performance for both source-based and traditional writing genre,” says the study. This is fascinating. Artificial intelligence has already […]

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